True Stories

April Fools Round Up

The Guardian announces that after 188 years of ink on paper, it's decided to become the first newspaper in the world to be published exclusively through the internet messaging service, Twitter.

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John Motson Quotes

"And Seaman, just like a falling oak, manages to change direction"

"Nearly all the Brazilian supporters are wearing yellow shirts - it's a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour"

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Sydney Radio - This Is A Corker

Just imagine sitting in traffic on your way to work and hearing this.

Many Sydney folks DID hear this on the FOX FM morning show in Sydney.
The DJs play a game where they award winners great prizes. The game is Called "Mate Match". The DJs call someone at work and ask if they are married or seriously involved with someone. If the contestant answers "yes", he or she is then asked 3 random yet highly personal questions.
The person is also asked to divulge the name of their partner (with phone number) for verification. If their partner answers those same three questions correctly, they both win the prize.

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Douglas Adams Quotes

Douglas Noël Adams (11 March 1952 – 11 May 2001) was an English author, comic radio dramatist, radical atheist and musician. He is best known as the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

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Kevin Keegan Quotes

‘It’s like a toaster, the ref’s shirt pocket. Every time there’s a tackle, up pops a yellow card.’

‘The ref was vertically 15 yards away.’

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The Oddest Game Of Footy Ever?

A match played around Dec '93-Feb '94 between Barbados and Grenada in some cup competition. Barbados needed to win the game by two clear goals in order to progress to the next round. Now the trouble was caused by a daft rule in the competition which stated that in the event of a game going to penalty kicks, the winner would be awarded a 2-0 victory.

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