Feeding Time At The Zoo


A zookeeper starts work at his new job on a Friday to break him into things before a fresh week. For his first duty he is sent to clear out the aviary.

He is happily sweeping away when suddenly he hears a "crunch". To his dismay he looks down to find he has accidentally trodden on & killed a rare finch. Not wanting to get in trouble he panics, scoops up the bird & throws it in the lion enclosure, the hungry lion gobbling it up. He returns to his supervisor, and for his next duty gets send to feed the chimps in the chimp house. He starts to play with the chimps throwing them fruit, letting them swing off his broom. In his exuberance however, he manages to knock a chimp off balance that falls awkwardly from a tree & breaks his neck. "Oh no" he thinks .. "I've killed 2 animals on my first day .. I'm bound to get sacked".

So again, while nobody is looking he picks up the chimp & throws him in the lion's enclosure where the lion gobbles him up. Sheepishly he returns to his supervisor, who unknowingly is pleased with his work. For his final task of the day the supervisor sends him to the beehives. The zoo keeps its own bees to sell honey in the shop. His task is to collect the honeycombs to make the honey. This time all seems to be going fine, until a bee gets inside his mask. Frantically he trys to swat the bee, but topples over onto the hive, smashing it & crushing all the other bees!

To avoid the sack once more, he scoops up the crushed bees & throws them to the lion. Next day, there's a new arrival at the zoo ... a mate for the lion. "What's the food like here ?" asks the new arrival. "Oh, you know" says the lion... "Just the usual Friday stuff... Finch, Chimp & Mushy Bees..."